February 15, 2018

Gerber Hunting Knives

Gerber hunting knives are manufactured by Gerber Legendary Blades, a company known for manufacturing quality, sturdy, finely crafted cutlery and multi-purpose tools. Gerber Legendary Blades was launched in 1939 and started out as a Christmas gift by Joseph Gerber in 1910 when he hired a local knifemaker to craft twenty-five sets of kitchen cutlery as clients gifts.

The knives were so popular that he left his advertising agency to put up the Gerber knives company. Now after sixty years of quality made cutlery, the company exists as one of the leading names in quality blades with advancement in more innovative and multi-purpose products that compete in the market.

Gerber hunting knives are one of the company’s excellent products that are designed to meet the specific needs of hunting lovers, offering them that unique edge of craftsmanship, quality, design and sharpness for that perfect tool of your favourite sport, hunting. Here are some of the best Gerber Hunting Knives out in the market today:

Harsey Fixed Blade Hunter with Tactical Sheath

This classic Gerber hunting knife features a contoured, non-slip rubber handle and a stainless-steel drop point blade. This hunting knife features a honed razor sharp edge with a five ¼ inch, 400-series full tang stainless blade that can equip any situation demanded of it. Overall length is 10.5” and comes with a tactical sheath.

Freeman Hunter

One of the Gerber hunting knives which are designed by hunters for hunters. This hunting knife has a polished pear wood handle the gives aesthetic appeal but is designed to be a working knife capable of skinning both small and large game. It has a solid full tang slice of stainless steel encased in pear wood sculpted to be as remarkable as functional.

This “Best of the Best” awarded Gerber Hunting Knife incorporates several unique attributes that includes true finger guard; finger grooves that give out as positive blade indexing indicators; thumb serrations that allow for additional cutting pressure; and indentations on the full length of tang for a sure grip. Overall length is 8.35” and comes with a ballistic nylon sheath.

The Firestorm

This hunting knife opens quickly with one hand and features a heavy-duty 3.25-inch surgical stainless steel “tanto”-style blade. Additional safety and assistance to the opening are provided by the finger guard, and tough stainless steel handle is textured with polycarbonate scales to ensure a strong grip. This hunting knife also has a stainless steel pocket that for easy access. Overall length is 8.25”.

Magnum Camo Jr.

This hunting knife is a natural expansion of Gerber knives L.S.T. series. This hunting knife is light enough for the pocket and strong enough to handle the most common hunting needs. This hunting knife has two ¾ fine edge blade and is made of 420 High Carbon stainless steel, it provides excellent edge holding ability and is easily re-sharpened. The handle is made of fibreglass-reinforced thermoplastic that is almost unbreakable finished in Mossy Oak Brand camouflage, and it also has a strong lock safety. Overall length is 6.19”.

September 19, 2017

Zippo Lighters: A Collector's Favourite Delight

Zippo comes in various styles and colors because its lighter, Zippo has actually offered 425 Million lighters and having 30 of the designs that are different is a collection. Here's a rundown of the lighters worthwhile of any collector's collection.

September 4, 2017

My Mauritius Vacations Hunting Trip

If you would love to try coffee rusa deer hunting, and like to hunt, your Mauritius holiday will be the time. Whether you're a beginner or a hunter, you'll realize that your quest for the coffee rusa deer is the height of excitement.

What kind of vacation could you have than to indulge your interest of searching? There are a variety of possiblities from which you can select which options are the most suitable to your style of hunting when you pick a Mauritius hunting safari.

April 5, 2017

Seven Tricks for Sportsmen to Remain Safe When Hunting

Hunting is definitely an interesting outside activity for all within the USA. To be always a great rogue, you have to be experienced, concentrated, individual and much more importantly, cautious. Incidents are predominant while Hunting. Each year, a large number of predators experience accidents. It's, consequently, essential that predators teach themselves about the security guidelines during Hunting.

Game hunting demonstration

The Worldwide Hunter Education Association (IHEA) comes with an online program that you might finish at your personal comfort. But this class can just only behave as a complement to some conventional hunter security plan. To make sure total security, follow the below-mentioned guidelines.

  • Suggestion Number 1: Hunt on leased lands

Hunting on rented countries enables you to experience much more comfortable and assured concerning the activity. Rented land-owners formally allow a rogue or number of predators to search on the countries to get a specific interval. Hence, it creates your Hunting less difficult. Furthermore, it's obligatory to search on rented countries if you like to consider Hunting lease obligation insurance, which shields you against 3rd party liability claims.

  • Suggestion Number 2: be cautious when using the Hunting buildings

Hunting buildings like shrub stands allow you to have an increased view of the environment. Shrub stands are effective Hunting resources, however they may also be harmful. Aged and fragile wooden stands might slip and cause damage. Additionally, ensure that the shrub stands have been in great placement before hiking onto them.

Whilst obtaining off and on a pine stay, make use of a security buckle. Do not bring hands while hiking, alternatively, make use of a string to boost and reduce weapons (unloaded). An individual will be about the pine stay, usually understand what your location is ranking with regards to the fringe of the system and usually use a safety control.

  • Tip # 3: Don hunter orange

Rogue lemon is regular security gear for predators. Predators are recommended to use finder lemon because it stops additional predators from mistaking them for an animal. Many reports show that individuals who use finder lemon are less inclined to be shot than people who don't. Furthermore, creatures like deer are less vulnerable to shades like red and reddish - which makes it problematic for them to identify you. Also, you need the best hunting gloves to have competitor's advantage over your prey.

  • Suggestion # 4: Usually search having a companion/in an organization

Hunting in-group is more enjoyable and fascinating than Hunting alone. Additionally, it can help you remain secure. It's more straightforward to search with a minimum of one companion, since if either of you've fulfilled by having an incident, another might help. With no companion, you'll be left alone during a collision. If you want to truly have a unhappy Hunting expertise, atleast allow somebody understand what your location is searching so when you're likely to return.

  • Tip # 5: Handle guns effectively

Among the most apparent risks that worry predators is guns. Predators must always manage the gun with extreme care and really should follow gun security methods without fail. Don't fill your gun before you are prepared to utilize it. When the weapon is packed, keep your hand off the trigger and not place the gun at something if you don't are ready to get a chance. Additionally maintain the weapons barrel directed in a secure path.

  • Suggestion # 6: make sure of one's goal before shooting

Often, you'll discover your goal after awaiting hrs. You might experience enthusiastic to take it, however, you have to maintain your awesome and goal at your goal precisely before you draw the trigger. Make sure your goal may be the pet you're searching for and never another rogue. Contemplating each one of these issues, you might skip your goal once in some time, but you'll absolutely avoid incidents and accidents.

  • Suggestion # 7: Get Hunting liability insurance

Despite getting enough safeguards, incidents sometimes happens leading to deaths to third-parties (trespassers or additional predators) or oneself. Because the possibility of incidents is more in Hunting, responsibility statements may bring-you substantial economic pressure. It's, consequently, essential to purchase individual in addition to Hunting lease obligation insurance to safeguard oneself against individual medical costs in addition to 3rd party statements. Observe that Hunting lease obligation insurance is common and it is more affordable, set alongside the additional insurance plans. Consequently, select a dependable supplier and obtain one prior to going out Hunting.

Wrapping Up

Your Hunting expertise becomes more unforgettable when it moves nicely with no problem or catastrophe. 

Thus, ensure that you follow these security guidelines if you are on the Hunting vacation.

4 Features Of Best Hunting Gloves That Make Everyone Love It

It is important to get a good pair of gloves for hunting that can assure you better grip and comfort. Check out below the top four features that must exist in the best hunting gloves. The list is sorted by highest priority level.


With respect to the weather-you are likely to be shopping in, having lots of padding or hardly any is essential when taking a look at the best hunting gloves. If you should be likely to be shopping in severe problems or really low conditions, you certainly wish to opt for a higher degree of padding.

  • Very last thing you would like occurring when out shopping in cold climate is the fingers getting chilly. 
  • When the climate will be about the hotter aspect, selecting gloves with less padding would be the greatest. 
  • That you don't desire to be out shopping as well as your fingers dealing with comfortable and exhausted.


You check always the current weather before you strike the woods or river but occasionally the current weather could be incorrect. Having a set of gloves for hunting that's waterproof can help you out within the long term. Once the climate chooses to alter also it begins to rainfall, having waterproof gloves helps you to save both hands from receiving moist and chilly. Do not get this puzzled with water resistant, that's different as waterproof. It's usually advisable to transport another set of gloves along with you simply to be secure.


Ensuring your hunting  gloves match both hands right can also be an issue when taking a look at a great set of shopping gloves. That you don't would like to get a set of gloves to little, both hands won't match right or they'll be crowded. When the gloves are to large, both hands don't remain comfortable and it'll allow it to be difficult for you really to draw the trigger. Taking a look at along the cuff is essential also.

When the climate will be chilly or moist having an extended cuff is the greatest, this way you are able to put it into your layer sleeve to maintain the cold-air and water out.

Be sure to try-on the set of gloves first but when you've been purchasing the best hunting gloves for some time you might understand what manufacturers is most effective for you personally.


The final although not least, the type of the glove. There are lots of diverse type of gloves, like shooting gloves, regular gloves, mittens and Pop Top mittens. Capturing gloves possess a finer more versatile substance about the trigger hand to create it more straightforward to draw the trigger. As the mittens and regular gloves can help maintain both hands hotter, you'll need to take them off in order to take. If so you may wind up lacking your change at capturing your large dollar, head of geese or geese which large be.

Deciding on the best hide design is essential. While you do not desire to be sporting bright hide when shopping within the woods or marsh. You need to choose the best hide gloves you'll be shopping in, like having glass knives hide for when you're searching in marsh locations. Getting the incorrect hide on will finish your outdoors search right away, whilst the creatures might find you right away.


Pursuing these facets whenever choosing the best hunting gloves, may assure that the fingers and trigger-finger will remain good, comfortable and dried.