February 15, 2018

Gerber Hunting Knives

Gerber hunting knives are manufactured by Gerber Legendary Blades, a company known for manufacturing quality, sturdy, finely crafted cutlery and multi-purpose tools. Gerber Legendary Blades was launched in 1939 and started out as a Christmas gift by Joseph Gerber in 1910 when he hired a local knifemaker to craft twenty-five sets of kitchen cutlery as clients gifts.

The knives were so popular that he left his advertising agency to put up the Gerber knives company. Now after sixty years of quality made cutlery, the company exists as one of the leading names in quality blades with advancement in more innovative and multi-purpose products that compete in the market.

Gerber hunting knives are one of the company’s excellent products that are designed to meet the specific needs of hunting lovers, offering them that unique edge of craftsmanship, quality, design and sharpness for that perfect tool of your favourite sport, hunting. Here are some of the best Gerber Hunting Knives out in the market today:

Harsey Fixed Blade Hunter with Tactical Sheath

This classic Gerber hunting knife features a contoured, non-slip rubber handle and a stainless-steel drop point blade. This hunting knife features a honed razor sharp edge with a five ¼ inch, 400-series full tang stainless blade that can equip any situation demanded of it. Overall length is 10.5” and comes with a tactical sheath.

Freeman Hunter

One of the Gerber hunting knives which are designed by hunters for hunters. This hunting knife has a polished pear wood handle the gives aesthetic appeal but is designed to be a working knife capable of skinning both small and large game. It has a solid full tang slice of stainless steel encased in pear wood sculpted to be as remarkable as functional.

This “Best of the Best” awarded Gerber Hunting Knife incorporates several unique attributes that includes true finger guard; finger grooves that give out as positive blade indexing indicators; thumb serrations that allow for additional cutting pressure; and indentations on the full length of tang for a sure grip. Overall length is 8.35” and comes with a ballistic nylon sheath.

The Firestorm

This hunting knife opens quickly with one hand and features a heavy-duty 3.25-inch surgical stainless steel “tanto”-style blade. Additional safety and assistance to the opening are provided by the finger guard, and tough stainless steel handle is textured with polycarbonate scales to ensure a strong grip. This hunting knife also has a stainless steel pocket that for easy access. Overall length is 8.25”.

Magnum Camo Jr.

This hunting knife is a natural expansion of Gerber knives L.S.T. series. This hunting knife is light enough for the pocket and strong enough to handle the most common hunting needs. This hunting knife has two ¾ fine edge blade and is made of 420 High Carbon stainless steel, it provides excellent edge holding ability and is easily re-sharpened. The handle is made of fibreglass-reinforced thermoplastic that is almost unbreakable finished in Mossy Oak Brand camouflage, and it also has a strong lock safety. Overall length is 6.19”.

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